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Di Sutherland (née Raine) pupil 1959-1964, Obituary

Di passed away peacefully on New Years Day, 2015, after a long illness, just before her 66th birthday.  She had MS which was finally diagnosed in 2000 after years of symptoms and sadly towards the end of her life, her disabilities became ever more challenging.  However, she never complained, only to wish that her retirement had been healthy so that she and her husband could travel and enjoy their grandchildren.  Her husband died unexpectedly in 2012, so a band of friends and carers took over to make her life as happy and comfortable as possible.  She leaves a son and two grandchildren. 

Di was my cousin, and we spent a great deal of our childhood together, until I started at Hunmanby Hall in 1958; Di followed a year later and despite our best efforts to be in the same form, she was a year below me.  In the mid-1960s we shared a flat together until her marriage, after which she moved ever further north, finally settling in Edinburgh.  We were in frequent touch by phone and enjoyed the occasional holiday together until she could no longer travel.  I last spent a weekend with her in November 2013 and it was a very special time.  We reminisced about everything, including Hunmanby Hall.  She took great pleasure in hearing news of old girls and looking at photos of reunions and was so appreciative of letters and cards from her former classmates.

Her wish was that her ashes be scattered in the sea at Hunmanby, and hopefully this will happen in the Spring or early Summer.  If any old girls want to attend what will be an informal affair, please contact the Web Editor to lodge your interest and I will get back to you with details when I know them.

Jenny Richards (née Birchall)

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