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After much discussion and lots of soul searching the committee has agreed that the time has come to close the formal Association.  The reasons are many and the decision to propose closure is regrettable but inevitable.

In recent years the numbers attending branch reunions and annual lunches have dwindled dramatically.  It is often impossible to guarantee the minimum number of people which a venue requires to make a booking.

Getting people to serve on the committee has become a major problem. There are areas without a branch secretary and 3 people have served as Chairman twice each.

The school closed in 1991 so by definition there are no new past pupils. The age bracket is increasing and many members no longer wish to travel to events. That was the position even before the Covid restrictions.

The Javelin ceased to be published as it was no longer financially viable and articles were not forthcoming, except when it was declared that it would be the last one.

Quite a few informal reunions take place around the country and it is hoped that they will continue, but these are organised by friends, mainly on social media and they do not need a committee or formal Association to continue.

In view of all these considerations the following proposal was submitted at the 2021 AGM:-

The Hunmanby Hall Old Girls’ Association be closed on Saturday 24th September 2022 after the 90th Lunch in Leeds and that its assets be distributed according to the requirements of the constitution. Should closure by the specified time be prevented by ‘force majeure’ e.g. the COVID epidemic, any decision to close shall stand and a revised date for a lunch and closure shall be published on this website.


This is to inform interested parties, that the decision to close the Hunmanby Hall Old Girls Association in 2022 was unanimously passed at the AGM in Leeds on 25th September 2021.  Details regarding the disposal of memorabilia and the final lunch in September 2022 will be posted on this website in due course.

When contacting any of the Committee members, the form now includes a 'Captcha' to prevent spam.  This will appear at the end of the email form and is just a box to tick to show that you are a human and not spam.

We have now identified a dozen items of memorabilia that will be auctioned by sealed bid.  You can view the lots here, or click on the link in the left hand Main Menu.  The link to the application form can be found within the auction lot information, or from here.

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