Chairman's Introduction

In November 2016 we contacted everyone for whom we had details to bring our database up to date and to encourage you all to attend events wherever possible.  If you did not receive the documents by e-mail or post please contact Jenny Richards with your contact details.

Let me reintroduce myself.  I was chairman of HHOGA in the late 90s and was recently asked to take over again after Sue Rankin.  Sue nobly did an extra year as I was at the time fully involved in the City and wanted to ensure I had the time to devote to the Association before taking it on again.

It’s such a pleasure to go to HHOGA reunions and committee meetings . Everyone is such fun, and has had such an interesting life, whether at work or in the home.  There is never a dull moment at these events in my experience.

The last Annual Reunion was, I believe, a great success, and all thanks for that success are due to those members of the committee who worked so hard to ensure it was so, with special thanks to Rachel Kirkwood, our now retired Reunion Secretary.  It was our 85th Reunion in York on 14th October 2017 and we had well over 160 OGs there.   It was so good to see so many of you there and I had a lovely time catching up with many people I have met over the years through the Association.  Although the school closed in 1991 ‘The Flame’ still burns brightly within us and friendships are as strong as ever.

Next year’s reunion is likely to be either September 29 or October 6 in London. Please keep an eye open on the website where we will publish the date as soon as it is available.  This is now the only place where the announcement will be made, though we do try and publicise reunions on Facebook too.

As I think most people now know, the final Javelin has been published.  It is such a shame that we had to stop publication but there were two main factors – one was a dearth of material and the other a failure by members to buy it – 47 was our last pre-order and we need a paid circulation of at least 150, preferably 200 to make it financially viable.  I am really sorry it has gone; I did enjoy editing it for several years, and my successor Jane Wallace did a stunning job for a similar number of years before we had to take the decision to stop publication.  But do please keep in touch with your news and we will do our best to keep you informed with what is going on with our members and with the Association.

There are still a few copies of the final Javelin available for purchase, and you can download the form here.

Due to the closure of the Javelin we need to make consequential alterations to our Association regulations. Essentially, wherever you see the word Javelin it should be replaced by the word Website unless the context makes that ludicrous.  We will publish an amended version on the website shortly with the amendments in red so that they are clear.

I am looking forward to my two years as your Chairman, meeting new people as well as catching up with old friends.   I know I will share many memories, laugh a lot and learn more about the development of the school in all its glory.   May you enjoy each other’s company through the Association as long as you wish and are able so to do.


Erica Stary 1952-1959

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