Dorothy Margaret Price, pupil 1928-31

Dorothy Margaret Price, (always known as Margaret or Marg) 15/10/1914-17/5/1982, was at Hunmanby Hall from September 1928-1931. Her father was a Methodist minister and so her family moved area every 4 years.

After leaving Hunmanby Hall, Margaret went to live with a French family in Pontoise on the outskirts of Paris,helping to look after their children and learning French for 9 months.

She then trained as a nursery school teacher at The Rachel McMillan College, Deptford. In 1937 she was at the Margaret McMillan House in Wrotham, Kent and Headmistress at Kidsgrove Nursery School in 1939.  From June 1946-1948 she worked at Buxton Nursery School in Cape Town, South Africa.

Margaret returned to the UK and married Arthur Stone in January 1951.  After a break to bring up their 2 children she continued as a Nursery school teacher in North Dorset.

This is not an obituary of Margaret's life as such, more a rare insight to the daily life of the pupils at Hunmanby Hall in the very early days.   Through letters and photos, we can see what school life was like through the eyes of one pupil.  Sincere thanks to Margaret's daughter-in-law, Judith Stone, for donating the album and other papers for us to share with you.
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Everyone who attended Hunmanby Hall will remember the 'uniform list' and how long it was.  Marshall & Snelgrove in Leeds, was the official supplier.  The list below shows the prices in £ s d, and to compare prices then and now, the school cap listed at 4/6 is about 22½p today!


The lighting of the Lamp at the beginning of each school term was an integral ceremony carried through the generations of staff and pupils, and the school motto "May the flame burn brightly and kindle in other hearts" is engrained in many of us.  The following letter from Margaret to her parents describes how it all came about.



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