Dorothy Margaret Price, pupil 1928-31

The following photo is is labelled "The School, September 1928" in Margaret's photo album and presumably consists of all pupils and staff when the school opened.  There are under 80 pupils, and some 8 staff.

Margaret has individual photos of a few of the staff, and although they are named, she doesn't say what they all taught, except for Matron of course!.


The school adopted the 'manor' system instead of the traditional houses, and in the early days, the 4 manors were created: Cecil, Constable, Gant and Mitford.  Margaret was there when this innovation was first put into place, and the following letter describes how it came about.  There is a photo of the school bus she refers to on page 4 of the letter, the Harry Scott bus, which can be seen in the  Picture Gallery in the 1920s/1930s section on page 3.




The staging of a play each year was a long held tradition at Hunmanby Hall from it's inception until it closed in 1992.  Margaret had several photographs of the first production there, "The Admiral Crichton" and here are a couple of them.  Even then, great care was taken with the scenery, costumes and lighting.



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