History of Hunmanby Hall


Every girl in the school took part if only a walk-on or dancing piece. It was a real delight. The arrival of the Vikings on the coast made the start, the first scene ‘The Kings Sails East’.   In it the king directs his war, like servants in these words ‘ You must stay here and govern, as Lord of the Manor etc etc. The unexpected retort from said servants. 'Nay, noble king no peaceful task for me. The Battlefield for me'.  Another gesture from another servant Hund, the name Hund evolving to Hundemanebi and later Hunmanby.

I happened to place Guthlac – robber - as a Viking, metal helmet and shield and sword, mini tunic type shirt and hessian bands bound for leg covering (not trousers!) Following the detailed talk I gave in 2003 to you in the library on the SAGA of HUNMANBY, there is a printed copy to borrow on the shelves. I did stage a costumed sketch, mini size people dressed as Lord of the Manor in addition Viz Gilbert de Gaunt, Marmaduke Constable, Lord Cecil, Admiral Mitford, Sir Dennis Readett Bayley.

In medieval England it was common practice to gather men to form an army. The wars amongst enemies were rife. So the Dukes would gather workers from rural farms to join their ranks as soldiers - so in the SAGA this act was recalled in Sir Marmaduke coming to collect any ‘men folk’ from Hundemanebi to fight with him in the north. A similar effort saw volunteers going as soldiers to the crusades across the water. Large numbers of these were represented by girls, there leader riding on horseback to go and take part in the crusades. Shall we never forget dear Robin Hood, riding around Britain as he did and naturally Hundemanebi was on his re-make.

We had a very happy time dressed all in green tunics as he called on his pipe to attract us all. Just another side of life for our Manor continues as characterised in the SAGA. The staff who tutored us to perform this historical pageant had to teach several dances to us all from the Minuet, the Flamborough Sword dance, Maypole dancing and the Horn Pipe. There was a scene dominated by the sea faring men who were around on the East Coast shores, another scene to see.  

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