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Jane Wallace, pupil 1959-63

Jane Wallace 25/7/47/-8/7/21


Jane was born in Sunderland on 25 July 1947 and sadly died in Darlington Hospital on Thursday 8 July 2021.  She enjoyed a happy loving home with her parents in South Wales.

Her father was a test pilot with the RAF – a highly skilled and very dangerous job.  He became part of the Queen's Flight and as such was in a privileged position to take Jane up in a Spitfire when she was very young (I'm not sure if this was “official” or not).  Tragically her father was killed in the course of his job and Grace (her Mum) and Jane had to move out of Services Accommodation.  They went to live with Jane's cousin Kay until they found somewhere for themselves.

Jane went to Hunmanby in January 1959 and left in July 1963 after O Levels.  Grace remarried and Jane was happy about that.  The family moved to Harrogate then to Leeds and ultimately to Darlington.  Jane at one time had a shop selling “end of line” Marks & Spencer clothes.  She was always interested in clothes and dressed very dramatically.  She was latterly head of H,R. at PX Ltd in Darlington where she showed great  compassion for the staff in her care.  Jane never let anything overcome her – if she wanted to do it  she would.  At her funeral the Celebrant referred to her Spirit of Adventure – a reflection on the Flame Prayer?  She loved fast cars and was a very confident driver – sometimes making her passengers quite nervous as I can testify to as she drove me to a Reunion in Stratford-on-Avon!  She enjoyed Time-Keeping at Croft Racing Circuit for many years and followed F 1 racing.

Through work Jane met her closest friend Donna and later her husband Les who latterly became her very devoted carers.  She was Godmother to both their children and very much part of their family.  She travelled widely and went on holiday to France with Donna and her family.  Jane and I used to meet up three times every year – on our birthdays and on her Mum's birthday.  Jane was Editor of The Javelin for many years and faithfully went to all the Committee meetings and AGMs all over the country.  Unfortunately Jane had multiple health problems recently and was in and out of hospital for nearly a year and finally it all became too much for her.  Les and Donna were with her when she died.  She always had a bright outlook and a positive attitude to adversity.  At her funeral “If You Just Smile” by Nat King Cole; and “I Did It My Way” were played which very much sums up Jane.  I was pleased to be one of her oldest friends and one of a few whom she allowed to call her “Beth”, which was a family pet name and I am very sad that she has left us so soon but feel she is now free of any suffering and reunited with her parents with whom her ashes are buried in South Wales.


Rosemary W Bell
nee Greensit 1959-1963

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