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A very warm welcome to the HHOGA website.  It's almost 6 years since we revamped the previous site and feedback has been very posititive.  We hope that we can get more contributions by way of photos, memories or articles from old girls, plus more members looking and joining in.  As we progress, we shall be adding more information which we hope will be of interest to you all.

If you have anything you would like to share here with our very active Old Girls Association, please get in touch with the Web EditorWe welcome your suggestions for features you would like to see here.

Meanwhile, do browse round the site - just click on a link in the menus on the left or right and take a trip down memory lane.  If you haven't got your name on the HHOGA mailing list, or haven't been in touch with old school friends for a while, perhaps we can help. Have a look at the Events and check if there's a reunion in your area or one near to you - you can go to any reunion anywhere in the country.  If you never hear about reunions, make sure you're on the mailing list, which will include local events in your area.  Please contact the Database Manager (see Contacts on the upper right) to check.

When contacting any of the Committee members, the form now includes a 'Captcha' to prevent spam.  This will appear at the end of the email form and is just a box to tick to show that you are a human and not spam.

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