Reunion Reports

North West Reunion 14th April 2018


The 2018 North West HHOGA reunion was held on 14th April at the Walton Fox near Preston in Lancashire.  Thank you to everyone who came; we had 12 people attend.

Unfortunately our Chairman Erica Stary could not attend as our lunch was held the same day as the committee meeting in London.  We said the Flame Prayer and everyone had a lovely lunch and there was a lot of chatting and showing of photos etc!

We raised a glass to two absent friends who died this year, Hilary Broomhead (aka Billy Brewis) and Trisha Norton (Rudd)

Our next meeting will take place in April 2020 (date to be arranged.)  Invitations will be sent out, but keep an eye on the website for the date.

Hilary Morphy (Fussey)
North West Branch Secretary - Mitford (1955-63)



In attendance:

Margery Thornley (Green), Rachel Pallister (Mason), Liz Towler (Smallwood), Caroline Bentley (Byron), Lesley Gaskarth (Moore), Rosie Paul (Steel), Liz Winter (Bean)

Alison Mansfield (Scatcherd), Hilary Morphy(Fussey), Liz Saunders (Cooper), Janet Bowker (Spensley), Tyrrell Bingham (Aizlewood)

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