Where Are They Now?

Have you lost touch with someone you were at Hunmanby Hall with and would like to get in touch again?  If so, we might be able to help.

Please send email to the Web Editor with as much information as you can: forename, surname at the time, married name if you know it if applicable, and the years she/he was at Hunmanby, plus any other helpful information you might have.  We will then post the name and details you provide here (without disclosing too much personal information) and also check our extensive database, including other members who might know.

December 2015
Sheila Patchett, HH 1960-66
Sheila is attempting to organise a form reunion and has asked for our help in tracing several Old Girls.  If you can help with the whereabouts of any of the following, please contact the Web Editor.

Alison McCleod
Angela Pedley
Christine Wright
Geraldine Randolph
Jane Lawes
Joan Studholme
Margaret Francis
Mary Watkins
Pat Holmes
Elizabeth Harrison (née Crowther)
Sandra Power (née Watson)
Sue Williams (née Jenkins)
Jane Townson (née Needler)

October 2015
Ann Watts (née Pickering)  HH c1954-61
Jen Darling (née Heath) would like to get back in contact with Ann who was last known to have lived in Christchurch, Bournemouth but she had moved when Jen visited.  They lost touch when their children were quite young.  If you have any information about Ann's whereabouts, please get in touch with the Web Editor.

We were also able to help Jen meet up with another old girl, whose information we already had on our database.  They finally got together after 50 years, with another old girl, and spent many hours reminiscing and looking at photos.  They are happy to share their meeting with a photo of the happy occasion.  From left to right:  Angie Green (née Lumb) Jen Darling (née Heath) and Sue Ellam (née Morrell).

Liz Beardsell, HH 1970/1-1976
Liz lives and works in the Harrogate area, and would very much like to link up with other old girls and perhaps meet up.  I have her permission to pass on her email address, so if you know Liz or are just an old girl who'd like to make contact, please get in touch with the Web Editor and I will pass on the email information.  She particularly asked after Lynne Airey and Heather Barker, so any help will be much appreciated.

Lucy Hall, HH 1980-1985
Mark Wilbor is looking for Lucy, who visited him in Scarborough Hospital in 1985 following a serious road traffic accident.  She lived in the Headingley area of Leeds and her father was a doctor. Do you know where Lucy is now?  Please let the Web Editor know so we can put her in touch with Mark.

Jane Cockcroft (née McIlvenney) HH 1958-66
Jane is looking for several old girls who were in her class at Hunmanby Hall.  We have checked our database and have no entry for any of them.  If you have the contact details for any of these old girls, please contact the Web Editor.  Jane is also organising a form reunion to be held in September and would very much like to invite them.

Anne Calvert (now Hulse) Driffield/Canada
Christine Carlin (now Nuttall) Bury, Lancs?
Marion Hall (now Peach) Darley Dale, Matlock
Marilyn Jackson
Mary Panton (now Whetstone) Bridlington/Australia
Anne Postlethwaite
Alyson Rowe (now Lea-Cox) Pretoria
Jan Seaton (now Palmer) Warwickshire (had older sister Jackie)
Steph Smith
Gill Tidey (father in Forces in Singapore)


Wendy Bryson (later Hanley)
Wendy is one of our more senior old girls, born in 1924 and starting at Hunmanby aged 8 in 1932.  She stayed until 1941 when she was 17 and has just celebrated her 90th birthday.  Her granddaughter Fiona Trainor is asking on behalf of Wendy whether there are classmates out there who remember her.  Perhaps there are daughters or granddaughters of old girls of that era who have heard stories of their relatives' time at HH.  If you can help please contact the Web Editor.

Update 29/8/2014
We have traced one old girl who was at Hunmanby Hall around the time of Wendy Bryson.  Mary Abel (now Greensit) is 93 and living near her family in Yorkshire, but her memory is not as good as it was sadly.

Alison Pask (Dr)
Alison enquired about finding Margaret Faulkner, who she was at school with in the 1950s/60s.  Margaret is on our database and has been sent the contact details, so hopefully we have a success story.  I have Alison's permission to reprint her news here, for those who knew her:
"My name has remained. I did a Cert Ed in Cambridge and then a Ph.D. in German, lectured in Nigeria for a bit and then taught in Berlin. Although I am now retired I have 'Over sixties' groups here just to keep the grey cells moving. Hopefully. I am in contact with Pamela Tuckley, who taught us English, though the contact is now more through her children as she has lost (most of) her memory.”

Update 2/8/14
I'm happy to report that Alison and Margaret have now made contact by email - Ed

Louise Holland at Hunmanby Hall c1962-65, deceased c1997
Louise's daughter is looking for several old friends of her mother's and has asked if we can help to find any of the following people.  The names were found in her mother's diary and are reproduced as she sent them to me.  Please contact the Web Editor if you can help with the whereabouts of any of these old girls.

Ali Pansk, Jenny Dicks, Jane (birthday 14th july), Pat Lewis (Birthday 12th May), Jane F. (birthday 5th feb) Sue Michels (birthday 20th may) Libby (Birthday 13th May) Mary P. Sue M. Sue Stocks (Birthday 11th Feb) Angie Power Sally Fer, Jane Edesly, Jenny Bower.

Update 1/8/14
One of our committee members has traced 4 of the old girls named above and will be mailing them with the contact details of Louise's daughter.  We are sad to report that Jenny Dickinson passed away in 2011, and Libby North in 2006

Update 29/8/14
Jane Cockcroft kindly provided the following information: I have been organising form reunions since 1982 and she came to one with her daughter a year before she died.  I know Sue Rankin has given you some details.  I think Sue M is Sue Mitchell, now Wilkinson, Libby is Libby North (sadly died 2006), Mary P is Mary Panton came from Brid and had a sister Denise who I think kept in touch with HH.  Sue Stocks will be Sue Stockdale, now Pinder. Angie Power lives in London and Jenny Bower was in the year below but I am sure she attends Old Girls. Sue Rankin has my latest address list for all these. (All has been passed to Louise Holland's daughter - Web Editor)

Update 3/9/14
Louise's daughter mailed me today with the news that she had visited Hunmanby Hall, and also met up with Angie Power, an old girl mentioned above, Web Editor


Liz Senior
Liz Clark is trying to find Liz Senior (she will be about 62 now) who was at Hunmanby Hall in the1960s.  She was last known to be living in Huddersfield.  If you can help find Liz, please contact Margaret Jeffery who has the contact details for Liz Clark.

Sue Briggs (née Platt)
Tyrell Aizelwood, who was at Hunmanby Hall in the 50s/60s is looking for Sue Briggs, who was in her class.  Can you help us find Sue?
Please contact the Hon. Secretary, Margaret Jeffery in this instance, as the enquiry came through to her this Summer (2014).

We have now been given the name of one old girl who is in contact with Sue Briggs, and we will be passing this information to Tyrrell.

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